Risk of Rain 2

If you play with mods, to play with others they must match exactly. You can use the following modpack to match what everyone else is using. If you want to play vanilla, just launch the game via steam.

  1. Go here and "Manual Download", you will need to install the launcher.

  2. Search for Risk of Rain 2 once the program is open. Select game, set as default if you want or star it so it shows easier later.

  3. Use the import function, import new profile.

  4. Use this code: 01857f67-3f06-43dc-a199-d49e14513a3a

    1. Last updated 1/5/2023 3:23am Central

  5. Click start modded at the top left once the profile is imported. This only downloads the same mods to a profile, I don't think it matches configs.

If you want to do your own modpack, just create a new profile so you can swap back and forth. If this profile gets updated, I can share a new profile code.

Changelog 1/5/2023 3:23am (Razzo's Update 2)


  • Added SniperClassic

  • Added Rocket

    Changelog 1/1/2023 11:23pm (Razzo's Update)

  • Added RTAutoSprintEx

  • Added Enforcer

  • Added PaladinMod

  • Added Gunslinger

  • Added MinerUnearthed

  • Added ArtificerExtended

  • Added Starstorm2

  • Removed ShrineOfDio

  • Removed ShowDeathCause

  • Removed ItemExchangeNotifier

  • Removed Yeet

  • Removed PauseMultiplayer

  • Removed ShrineOfDio

Changelog 12/27/2022 9:05pm

  • Added ShareSuite

  • Added ShrineOfDio

  • Added PingItemDescription

You can either download these manually or create a new profile using the above code. You don't have to have them, but if the host has them, they will change the game but you may have sync issues. (items not able to be picked up but were used)

Complete Mod List:

  • BetterUI

    • Add DPS meter, add better descriptions to items and a stats screen, buff timers and more

  • RTAutoSprintEx

    • Sprint automatically

  • Enforcer

    • Adds the Enforcer from Risk of Rain 1

  • PaladinMod

    • Adds Paladin, custom survivor

  • Gunslinger

    • Custom survivor

  • ProperSave

    • Saves your progress at the start of each stage.

  • MinerUnearthed

    • Adds the Miner from Risk of Rain 1

  • ArtificerExtended

    • Ton of new skills, none of the NEW passives work in multiplayer.

  • Starstorm2

    • New survivors, items, gameplay elements and more.

  • TooManyFriends

    • Allows going above the 4 player cap

  • QoLChests

    • Hides chests when they are empty. Hides used shop terminals. Highlights chests and interactables.

  • QuickRestart

    • The quick restart mod adds a button to the pause menu that allows you to start a new run with the current character, difficulty, and artifacts.

  • ScrollableLobbyUI

  • BiggerBazaar

    • When you take the bazaar portal, your money is not converted into experience points. Instead you keep it to buy items at the bazaar. Money left when you then leave the bazaar is converted into experience points

  • ShareSuite

    • ShareSuite is a mod with a multitude of systems designed around sharing the things you gather throughout a run, be it items, money, experience, equipment, or otherwise. Check out the "Features" section for more information! The default setting is that money is a shared pool, loot is copied to everyone except equipment and other OP items. Boss will only drop 1 item. Printer/scrapper is still personal only.

  • PingItemDescription

    • Ping items to get their descriptions. Works on items/equipment/shops/printer.


    • New survivor

  • Added SniperClassic

    • New survivor

  • Added Rocket

    • New survivor