Server Status

How to join the server

1. Download the Twitch client and install the modpack. Making sure to click the cog on the modpack page in twitch to edit the memory settings to increase it to the max you have. It seems to default to 2-4GB. 

2. In the server list, enter in

Do not use the IP since it changes when I need to make changes.

Tons of thrilling™  Adventures, Magic, Science, Quests, Combat, Bosses, Automation, Exploration, and Rats who shoot cheese from cannons??

I've spent the last 8 months and counting, handcrafting a fun and fresh new modded experience. There is plenty to discover in all aspects of Eternal and there are plenty of unique twists to keep you engaged. MCE uses basic crafting recipes. I realized blending the fun parts from the likes of modded skyblock (quests, shop, etc along with RPG elements) in a kitchen sink pack that's not too complicated turns out is super enjoyable for all types of players (especially with friends! :D) *Get rewarded for doing whatever you feel like doing with the expansive optional questing system!*

There is a huge emphasis on using not so known mods that I deemed to be severely underrated, especially in the Adventuring aspect of the pack.  

 Featuring some questing chapters such as "Challenges" which is full of weird and wacky objectives like collect 1 million dirt, battle every boss in the game or build a Jaffa factory.

Or my personal favourite, the survive 30 hours without dying challenge

Over 30 more challenges ingame and difficulty varies along with rewards