Server Status (CLOSED)

Server spun down. If you wish to join Sevtech let me know and I'll see about turning it back on.

How to join the server

1. Download the Twitch client and install the modpack. Making sure to click the cog on the modpack page in twitch to edit the memory settings to increase it to the max you have. It seems to default to 4GB. 

2. In the server list, enter in

Do not use the IP since it changes when I need to make changes.

3. If you want shaders, then you need to install optifine into your mods folder, then download the shaders and put them in your shaders folder that optifine creates.  (I am using Sonic)

Tips: Watch the video series below, he walks through most everything. Also here is a tip page for more information if you care. 

SevTech: Ages is a massive modpack packed with content and progression. This pack focuses on providing the player a long term progression experience with purpose. SevTech introduces a number of mechanics never before done such as: hiding ore until unlocked, dynamically hidden items and recipes based on progress, new mobs appear as you progress further and much more! The modpack uses the vanilla advancement system to guide the player along while still allowing an open, sandbox experience. As you progress through the hundreds of custom advancements you will unlock new "ages" which will show you new mods to work through. 


SevTech aims to introduce many mods not frequently used while altering some more widely known mods. The pack also features a ton of custom mods for the best player experience. 


You'll start your first world with nothing. No map or HWYLA and only a handful of items and recipes. As you progress, you will unlock those features, thousands of items and blocks, and much more. Your goal is to follow through the advancement system from the stone age all the way into space!


Every feature in SevTech: Ages can be done in Multiplayer, too! Every progression point is player based and not server based. This means you can play on a large server and not be left behind if you start after every one else. The pack also provides the mod "Together Forever" to let players form teams and sync progression. The World Type is suggested to be "quark_realistic".