Final Fantasy 14

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Final Fantasy XIV Info Dump


Watch this if you have not seen it. This is the calamity.

Beginner's Guide, very base stuff.

Optional 3 part documentary on how bad 1.0 was before realm reborn. Gives context into current dev team.

Needing help picking a job?

This is the video that made me start playing again in 2020.

Another one to try to sell you.

Curious in how raiding compares to other MMO's?

Group content (dungeons/raids/trials) has a limit break meter shared among those grouped. If anyone uses it, the bars are spent.

The limit gauge gradually builds over time during combat. Light parties have access to one limit gauge, meaning they are only able to use Level 1 limit breaks when it is filled. A full party has two limit gauges. Reaching the last boss of a duty adds an extra limit gauge, making a total of two gauges for light parties and three gauges for full parties. During duties which have a single boss and nothing else the extra gauge is unlocked by default. Level 3 limit breaks can only be performed with a job crystal equipped, and each job has a visually unique level 3 limit break. 


It is recommended to focus on the Main/Feature/Novice quests. The Side/Leve/Guild/Lore are all optional and most use for second jobs.

Fates are like world quests from WoW. Just go to the area or icon and start doing it. You can level sync for more rewards.

This is the main story quest. It will always show you what is next. You can click it if you ever get lost on what is next. It also has the quest marker with the flame around the icon. 

The quest below it is your job quest, do these when they are available. 

Showing the male races and their size options.

Showing the female races and their size options.



Note: Custom Launchers and 3rd party addons (Like ACT) are against the TOS BUT, everyone uses them and as long as you do not mention them in game, no one cares and you should be fine. Even the development team mentions this.

The original FFXIV launcher is slow, tedious, kinda ugly and cannot save your password. This project aims to fix that and add some QoL features to the game that were not there before, such as:

You can follow this until right when he changes the language to English. After that is done you do not need to follow the guide any further unless you want his minimalistic template but I do not use it. 

I personally leave the meter up on another monitor and do not use any additional plugins for it except for the Meters. I make sure that combine pet with owners is enabled. From there it is up to you.

You can also unlock a DPS Dummy to test yourself without this.

Tip: If you use the XIVLauncher you can edit the settings to launch ACT by default. Just edit the launcher settings, go to auto launch and find the ACT exe. Make sure it's set to run as admin. 

Shaders (Reshade)


This will be a dump of every feature in the game and a link to how to find more about it. This might miss something but should be a good idea. 

(set as a numbered list just for easy reference)