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To join the free company (guild) on the Diabolos server, just ask after you've gotten off the free trial. (trial limitation) You can also let me know your name and I can add you to my friends list for joining a party.

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Final Fantasy XIV Info Dump

  • Free Trial is available up to lvl 60 with unlimited play time and includes the first expansion. (with normal restrictions)

    1. To buy after you are done with the trial:

    2. Please let me know before you activate your paid copy so I can give you my RAF code so we both get rewards. :)

  • FF14 is an RPGMMO, where as WoW is an MMORPG. Tank/Healer/DPS Trinity.

  • The story is the largest part of FF14. If you’ve ever played a FF game, expect like that but in MMO form. The journey is meant to be enjoyed, not rushed. The MSQ (Main Story Quest) will make you go through the entire story of each expansion, in order.

  • Side quests are totally optional, most people don’t even do them.

  • If you have an issue creating a character, click on Diabolos on the link and get notified when the congestion ends.

  • You only need one character, you switch jobs (classes) by changing your weapon. So you can fully experience everything in the game with your ‘main’.

  • The game has glamour (transmog) and dyes.

  • Free company's are the guilds of the game.

  • The mobile companion app lets you use the Market Board (AH) on the go.

  • Housing is a very big feature of the game, even guilds can have their own shared one.

  • FF14 does not support addons. There are very few secondary programs but the game does not have native support for them. The native UI customization is very well done.

  • The game is cross platform with the PS4/PS5/PC/Mac.

  • You can play the entire game with a controller. It works pretty well.

  • The music is some of the best in any game, period. Boss fight phases have special music transitions.

  • Every bit of content in the game can scale you to it, so it always stays "current".

  • The spell effects in parties can be toned down in the settings so you only see your own.

  • The ground enemy abilities can be moved into right after the initial graphic goes away, the animation after is not the part that does the damage.

  • The FF14 community is known as the very most welcoming in any MMO.

  • Characters can get married with a full fledged wedding.

  • Duties are the instanced areas for dungeons and other activities like it.

  • PVP is not a focus in this game. Most ignore it but there are PVP seasons.

  • Materia (gems) are not important until max level. (80) You can still play with them.

  • Every major town has a giant aetheryte crystal that you can attune to, you then can teleport to it from anywhere in the world for a fee.

  • Each major city have smaller aetheryte crystals that you can transport between only if you are inside the city.

  • The Golden Saucer is unlocked at around lvl 15 and is basically the chuck-e-cheese of FF14. This is a great hangout spot for mini games and more.

  • Those on the same data center (we play on Crystal/Diabolos) can play together via the cross realm like system. Playing across data centers is coming in the expansion.

  • Flying is available in old areas at lvl 50 and in expansions you collect aether currents in each zone to unlock flying in that zone. (no crazy meta achievements) All mounts fly.

  • Professions each have their own job with abilities, gear and even an end game.

  • When the development team remade the game with 2.0, they were required to play other MMO's like WoW, so coming to the game will feel very familiar but also foreign.

  • The game has a very robust RP community if you are into it.

  • The calamity that the story talks about is technically the terrible 1.0 game that Square Enix scrapped and rebuilt to create 2.0 (A Realm Reborn) within 2 years.

  • Every feature in the game is locked behind a quest. Either Main Story or Blue Quest Icon.

  • The early game feels slow due to limited abilities but jobs (classes) get very robust later. Go watch the jobs video below for more of an idea of how they will look. August 2020 FF14 removed a lot of quests to remove some of the grind.

  • The starter jobs turn into their full form at lvl 30. (graduate) There are other jobs available but they unlock later in the game at different levels.

    1. Jobs available at character creation:

      1. Gladiator > Paladin (Tank)

      2. Marauder > Warrior (Tank)

      3. Conjurer > White Mage (Healer)

      4. Arcanist > Scholar (Healer) and Summoner (Caster DPS)

      5. Thaumaturge > Black Mage (Caster DPS)

      6. Archer > Bard (Ranged DPS)

      7. Lancer > Dragoon (Melee DPS)

      8. Pugilist > Monk (Melee DPS)

      9. Rogue > Ninja (Melee DPS)

    1. The other jobs that are unlocked later:

      1. Dark Knight (Tank) - Starts at Lvl 30, unlockable at lvl 50

      2. Gunbreaker (Tank) - Starts at lvl 60, unlockable at lvl 60

      3. Astrologian (Healer) - Starts at lvl 30, unlockable at lvl 50

      4. Samurai (Melee DPS) - Starts at lvl 50, unlockable at lvl 50

      5. Machinist (Ranged DPS) - Starts at lvl 30, unlockable at lvl 50

      6. Dancer (Ranged DPS) - Starts at lvl 60, unlockable at lvl 60

      7. Red Mage (Caster DPS) - Starts at lvl 50, unlockable at lvl 50

      8. Reaper (Melee DPS, coming in Endwalker) - Guess is starts at lvl 70, unlockable at lvl 70

      9. Sage (Healer, coming in Endwalker) - Guess is starts at lvl 70, unlockable at lvl 70

  • Blue Mage (Limited job, like a mini game type job you don’t take to end game content, starts at lvl 1 and goes to lvl 70), unlockable at lvl 50. Have a boss fight carnival you progress in and you have to learn spells from mobs to beat the carnival. Think if WoW took brawlers guild and went nuts with it.

Join us in Discord. We sit in a channel nearly every night after 8pm Central until roughly 1-2am Central. Ask questions if you have any!



Watch this if you have not seen it. This is the calamity.

Beginner's Guide, very base stuff.

Optional 3 part documentary on how bad 1.0 was before realm reborn. Gives context into current dev team.

Needing help picking a job?

This is the video that made me start playing again in 2020.

Another one to try to sell you.

Curious in how raiding compares to other MMO's?

  • BIS (best in slot) is achievable.

  • All dungeons/trials/raids sync you to the correct itemlvl/level so that you can keep running the content after. You can also choose to unsync the run or even set it to minimum itemlvl for a real challenge. Ultimates always scale, no unsync available.

  • Dungeons - 4 Mans that have a Normal/Hard level. No Mythic+, typically 3 bosses and trash.

  • Trials - Single boss, no trash, story progression linked

    • Normal - 8 Mans, most are required for main story.

    • Hard/Extreme - 8 Mans, FF14 changed the name in future expansions to extreme, have lore/story linked

    • Unreal - 8 Mans, old trials upscaled to current levels.

  • Raids - Alliances have trash where as normal/savage do not.

    • Alliance - 24 Mans, compared to a large scale dungeon and equivalent to LFR/normal in WoW

    • Normal - 8 Mans, equivalent to normal/hard level to WoW

    • Savage - 8 Mans, equivalent to hard/mythic level of WoW

    • Ultimate - 8 Mans, equivalent to nothing else in MMO's, for transmog/glamour items only, hardest content in game

Group content (dungeons/raids/trials) has a limit break meter shared among those grouped. If anyone uses it, the bars are spent.

The limit gauge gradually builds over time during combat. Light parties have access to one limit gauge, meaning they are only able to use Level 1 limit breaks when it is filled. A full party has two limit gauges. Reaching the last boss of a duty adds an extra limit gauge, making a total of two gauges for light parties and three gauges for full parties. During duties which have a single boss and nothing else the extra gauge is unlocked by default. Level 3 limit breaks can only be performed with a job crystal equipped, and each job has a visually unique level 3 limit break.


It is recommended to focus on the Main/Feature/Novice quests. The Side/Leve/Guild/Lore are all optional and most use for second jobs.

Fates are like world quests from WoW. Just go to the area or icon and start doing it. You can level sync for more rewards.

This is the main story quest. It will always show you what is next. You can click it if you ever get lost on what is next. It also has the quest marker with the flame around the icon.

The quest below it is your job quest, do these when they are available.

Showing the male races and their size options.

Showing the female races and their size options.



Note: Custom Launchers and 3rd party addons (Like ACT) are against the TOS BUT, everyone uses them and as long as you do not mention them in game, no one cares and you should be fine. Even the development team mentions this.

The original FFXIV launcher is slow, tedious, kinda ugly and cannot save your password. This project aims to fix that and add some QoL features to the game that were not there before, such as:

  • Auto-login

  • Fast patching

  • Discord Rich Presence

  • Fast in-game market board price checks

  • Chat filtering

  • Chat bridge to Discord

  • Discord notifications for duties, retainer sales, etc.

You can follow this until right when he changes the language to English. After that is done you do not need to follow the guide any further unless you want his minimalistic template but I do not use it.

I personally leave the meter up on another monitor and do not use any additional plugins for it except for the Meters. I make sure that combine pet with owners is enabled. From there it is up to you.

You can also unlock a DPS Dummy to test yourself without this.

Tip: If you use the XIVLauncher you can edit the settings to launch ACT by default. Just edit the launcher settings, go to auto launch and find the ACT exe. Make sure it's set to run as admin.


This will be a dump of every feature in the game and a link to how to find more about it. This might miss something but should be a good idea. You can also check out my FF14 To-Do list.

(set as a numbered list just for easy reference)

  1. 16 Combat Jobs with 2 coming in next expansion -

  2. 8 Crafting Profession Jobs -

  3. 3 Gathering Profession Jobs -

  4. Trust System -

    1. The Trust System is a feature introduced in Shadowbringers (5.0). This system allows you to challenge dungeons from main scenario quests with a party of allied NPCs.

  5. Retainers -

    1. Retainers can store items and gil for you and sell items on the Market. In 2.2 players can use their retainers for Retainer Ventures. Players can assign their retainers classes and give them gear. Then players can send them out for expeditions for items and experience. Retainers with a class can level up by performing Retainer Ventures, but their maximal level depends on the player's level in the same class.

  6. Player Housing -

  7. Golden Saucer -

    1. A place full of mini games, events and basically the games Chuck-E-Cheese with a special currency. Click the link above to learn more about each item below.

      1. Chocobo Racing (think mario kart where you train your chocobo and ride it)

      2. Triple Triad (card game where you can battle others and collect cards from many things in the world)

      3. Doman Mahjong (I am terrible at this)

      4. Cactpot (basically a scratch off and lottery system)

      5. Fashion Report (compete with glamour (transmog)

      6. Lord of Verminion (think if minion battles turned into RTS area control games)

      7. Mini-games (jump puzzles, shooting games and more)

  8. Over 180 mounts. -

  9. Sightseeing Log - (Allows the player to solve various riddles in turn to experience the spectacular sceneries in Eorzea. Players can unlock these Vistas at specific locations, at certain times, in certain weathers and by performing specific emotes.)

  10. Deep Dungeons - (You go from lvl 1 to 60 and try to complete the 100 floors without dying. For 1-4 players)

    1. Palace of the Dead -

    2. Heaven-on-High -

  11. Treasure Map Hunting -

  12. Bard Music -

  13. Beast Tribes (reputations) -

  14. Squadrons -

    1. Squadrons allow players to take command of soldiers in their respective Grand Companies. After assembling a sufficient number of NPC recruits, players can deploy a squadron of soldiers on special missions, reaping rich rewards upon their successful return.

  15. Wondrous Tails -

    1. Wondrous Tails is a level 60 weekly activity that allows players to complete old content to earn rewards. With some randomized elements, Wondrous Tails is an interesting way to revisit old duties every week.

  16. Faux Hollows -

  17. Weddings -

  18. PVP -