1. Download TextTools: https://www.ffxiv-textools.net/

  2. Download my modpack (you can do your own mods but this is an easy install to match what I see): Download

  3. Make sure game is not launched.

  4. Launch TextTools.

  5. Top left menu > Mods > Import Modpack

  6. Done

Be mindful that there may be new version of my modpack. Current timestamp is: Backup_2022-08-29_17-29-21.ttmp2

Better Hair, Better Eyes, Better Bodies, Better Faces, Better NPC Models, Better Gear, Better Butts, Nipples on Men, Body Hair for Men and more!

If you want the nice shaders to really make the game pop.

  1. Download Gshade https://gposers.com/gshade/

  2. Download my presets Download

  3. Put them in Program Files > SquareEnix > FF14 > game > gshade-presets

  4. Use Shift F2 in game, top right, find and select which one works for you, you can switch to find one you like.
    I use Neneko_Absolute [Gameplay].ini but it might be too hard on your machine. Instead you can try the others. Shift F3 is an easy way to turn off gshade so you can compare normal vs shaders.

Comparison for shaders: https://imgsli.com/MTIxNzYx

No Shaders

Shaders on, notice the shaders, the lack of washed out colors and more definition

No Shaders

Shaders on