The focus is Space Exploration mod with some extras

Server IP:

Click the forces/start button at the top left to either spawn on your own planet or join someone. (They have to accept the request in real time)


  1. Get defenses up asap, like a wall of turrets being fed with belt of ammo.

  2. Use left Alt to turn on building information.

  3. Hit 'U' to get information about your planet.

  4. Hold down Shift while trying to place items to ghost place for planning

  5. Hold Ctrl with item in your hand and scroll over multiple buildings to even insert

  6. Tired of having your inventory filled to the brim with useless crap like ores and copper wire? Well... just press Shift+C. It evenly distributes all unneeded items from your inventory into nearby machines and chests that accept it.

  7. Hit the FP button to plan out your factory.

  8. Early game blueprints now have a use! No more meticulous placement, pipetting, or rotating! Just hover over a ghost and it will be placed. Toggle on/off with SHIFT Y.

  9. Enemies evolution is per team, when a biter nest spawn he become part of a clan which evolve according to the closest team game stats (spawners kill, worms kills, and time played), unfortunately we cannot retrieve per team pollution so the pollution will not infer on biters evolution, pollution will still manage the biters spawn as in vanilla gameplay)

  10. PvP is enabled

  11. When a player is offline, his buildings can't be destroyed, and enemies will stop targeting his base

  12. We have text plates for making word messages on the ground!

  13. Vehicles will snap, By default you can toggle snapping on/off with Shift-V.

Mod List (You do not need to download, it will auto sync when you join)